US Sending MANPADs To Ukraine – Admits They Could Fall Into the Wrong Hands

  • The US is sending MANPADs to Ukraine
  • MANPADS are shoulder-fired missiles called man-portable air defence systems
  • These could lead to these falling into the wrong hands but the US claims “We believe that risk is worth taking” 
  • MANPADs have been used to shoot down civilian airliners 
  • Russia has warned they would bomb supply lines going into Ukraine

The US Military has confirmed that they are sending MANPADs to Ukraine.

They admitted that these could fall into the wrong hands but claimed it is worth the risk. MANPADs have been used in the past by terrorist actors to shoot down civilian airliners.

From Al Jazeera:

The United States and NATO are shipping weapons into Ukraine at breakneck speed, including highly sensitive items such as shoulder-fired missiles called man-portable air defence systems (MANPADS) that can take down aircraft.

The Western arms deliveries, another of which is expected to arrive in the coming hours, have been vital to enabling Ukrainians to fight the invading Russian forces far more effectively and fiercely than US intelligence expected.

But moving those amounts of weaponry into the largest conflict in Europe since World War II carries with it risks that some could fall into the wrong hands – a possibility the West has considered.

“Frankly, we believe that risk is worth taking right now because the Ukrainians are fighting so skillfully with the tools at their disposal and they’re using them so creatively,” a senior US defence official said on Friday when asked about that danger.

In a Pentagon-financed study in 2019, the RAND Corporation think-tank estimated that upwards of 60 civilian aircraft have been hit by MANPADS since the 1970s, killing more than 1,000 civilians. As of 2019, 57 non-state armed groups were confirmed to possess or suspected to possess MANPADS.

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