UPS Has Found Biden Documents That “Vanished” While Being Shipped

UPS has announced that they have found the Biden documents that had vanished from the package they were sent in.

The Daily Beast: 

A spokesman for UPS told The Daily Beast on Thursday that they had located a mysterious packaged that Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested had been deliberately misplaced or intercepted because it contained “damning” materials on the Biden family. “After an extensive search, we have found the contents of the package and are arranging for its return,” the spokesman said. “UPS will always focus first on our customers, and will never stop working to solve issues and make things right.”

Now, we still have a few questions here. They found them but the real story is going to be what exactly happened.


Tucker Carlson told his viewers that Biden documents that there were given by a source were taken out of the packaging they were sent in while traveling by mail.

Gateway Pundit:

But the Biden documents never made it to Los Angeles.
The envelope was discovered during shipping and it was empty.
The contents of the package were missing.

The shipping company investigated and the company did not find out what happened to the contents of the package.

To this point, this is all we know but this will certainly be interesting once more evidence is known.

Was this a lone person or someone connected to the Biden family?

How did they know they had the documents?

According to reports, Tucker Carlson is going to play more audio recordings on his show tonight.

Donald Trump Jr. Responded:

Last night Tucker interviewed Biden associate Tony Bobulinski.

Watch the full interview from last night:

We will see what the next bombshell thing to drop is. One thing is certain. It isn’t going to be good for Joe or Hunter Biden.

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