Two More Dems Announce Retirement–Further Threatening Pelosi’s Majority

The Democrat majority continues to be threatened.

Two more Democrats have announced their retirement for the house.

They will now not seek re-election in 2022.

The two reps are Mike Doyle from Pennsylvania and Rep David Price from North Carolina.

From The Washington Examiner:

Two longtime House Democrats announced that they will retire from Congress at the end of their terms rather than seek reelection in 2022, adding to a growing number of Democrats who are leaving Congress as anxiety grows about Republicans winning back the House in 2022.

Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Doyle, 68, and North Carolina Rep. David Price, 81, made retirement announcements on Monday.

Doyle is the longest-serving member of Pennsylvania’s current congressional delegation, having first been elected to Congress in 1994, and was also a longtime coach for the Democrats in their annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity.

“I believe the time has come to pass the torch to the next generation,” Doyle said in a press conference, adding that he believed he could be reelected in 2022 if he ran again. He said the coronavirus pandemic made him and his wife accelerate their retirement plans.

Price is also the longest-serving current North Carolina House member, having first been elected to the Chapel Hill-area district in 1986, losing the seat in 1994, and then winning back the seat in a 1996 rematch election.

“Most of what we do remains a work in progress,” Price said in a statement. “That is certainly evident now, as we strive to secure long overdue investments in our transportation and housing infrastructure, child care and early childhood education, and other pressing needs. Looming over it all is the frightful legacy of the last four years and urgent questions about the future of our constitutional democracy.”

Things continue to look worse and worse for Democrats in 2022.

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