Two Jury Notes Surface From Rittenhouse Trial–People’s Pundit Breaksdown What they Mean

Two jury notes have surfaced from the Rittenhouse trial.


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From People’s Pundit:

The jury note indicates this particular juror is most likely a Female Red Authoritarian. That is not the best news for Kyle Rittenhouse.

They place faith in authority to protect self and society, believe in and are focused on control, and extol the virtues of obedience.

The use of the word “Please” when requesting the information is not an argument against a Red, but rather more likely due to deference to and respect for authority. Further, in Question Number 4 (included), the Red in her overwhelms deference when she gets right to the point requesting succinctly (decisiveness/control) the items she requires.

UPDATE: As was pointed out, her deference is crystal clear by her mimicking of the prosecution’s manner of phrasing the fire extinguisher. She is siding with the prosecution on the version of events surrounding the extinguisher, i.e. put down vs. dropped.

In sum, the items requested indicate she’s trying to find ill intent in his actions, something to reenforce her belief that Kyle Rittenhouse was wrong by virtue of being there, and is hoping the moments right before and after will sway jurors who are for acquittal. It’s a search for something to affirm the version of the story that we all tell ourselves and which is informed by our beliefs, not facts or evidence.

UPDATE-Five in total have surfaced.

Here are the three we didn’t initially report:





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