Tucker Carlson Has Another Insane Ratings Week

Tucker Carlson. The BFD.

The ratings are ourt for Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show last week and they are about as amazing as you could expect.

The reason this is so important is because he should give us all a view into what needs to be done in this country. The Media tells us that people would hate Tucker’s message. They tell us that he is just this controversial Talk Show host who no one supports. However, it is the complete opposite that is true. The reason Tucker’s ratings are through the roof right now is because he is speaking the truth when no one else will. 99% of the media is telling you not to worry about the riots. 99% of the media is telling you just to hate President Trump. Tucker is giving you a different option. He is telling you that it is okay to disagree with the left. It is okay to not want to open the borders and let criminals out of jail. It is okay to want to live in a safe town. It is okay to want to live in a safe community.

All radio hosts should take a good long look at Tucker Carlson. Do you want to have your ratings go through the roof? Just start speaking the truth and people will flock.

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