Tucker Asks Adam Kinzinger To Come On His Show – Kinzinger Dodges It, Refuses To Go On

  • RINO Rep Adam Kinzinger was invited onto Tucker Carlson Tonight to debate the Russia-Ukraine conflict 
  • This comes after he accused Carlson of being “Pro-Putin”
  • Rather than debating him Kinzinger ran from it
  • This points to the fact Kinzinger knows he has no evidence but would rather just yell on Social Media

RINO Rep Adam Kinzinger talks a big game but it looks like he has no interest in actually debating anyone.

He declined an invitation to debate Tucker Carlson on his show.

From Newsweek:

Republican rep. Adam Kinzinger said he rejected an invitation to appear on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show because of the host’s “evil” spreading of Russian propaganda and defense of Vladimir Putin.

In a video on Twitter, the Illinois Congressman described how there is “no way” that he would go on Carlson’s show because of his recent comments regarding Russia, as well as him “spreading lies” about the existence of the U.S.-funded laboratories in Ukraine which are producing biological or chemical weapons.

“There’s no way I’ll go on the show for a number of reasons. But first, let me state that his insistence that the West was provoking war with Putin, his spreading lies about bio labs and his continued spewing of conspiracy theories are nothing but complete evil,” Kinzinger said.

“His show is full of Russian propaganda and not news, and I will not validate his show by making an appearance.”

He had previously called for Tucker to be taken off air:

Marjorie Taylor Greene called him out:

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