Trump Responds To Milley Admitting He Talked To Reporters For Books

During testimony in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee Mark Milley admitted he talked to Bob Woodward, Carol Leonnig, Phil Rucker, and Michael Bender for their books.

From The Washington Examiner: 

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley has spoken with a handful of reporters for their books, he acknowledged.

The chairman told the members of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that he had spoken with Bob Woodward, Carol Leonnig, Phil Rucker, and Michael Bender for their books, all of which included explosive reporting regarding Milley and former President Donald Trump.

“Woodward, yes. Costa, no,” Milley said when asked by Sen. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, later confirming that he spoke with the other journalists, though he couldn’t say whether he was accurately represented.

“I haven’t read any of the books, so I don’t know,” he said, later saying he would read them and respond then.

Now, we have this.

Trump issued a blistering statement responding:


No wonder the Afghanistan withdrawal was such a disaster. “General” Milley spent all of his time talking to these Fake Book writers. That’s not a Soldier or General, that’s a Public Relations agent. America will continue losing with Milley and woke television Generals who are only looking to be stars!

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