Trump Rally Boosts Newsmax Ratings — As Establishment Media Ignores

The Palmieri Report previously reported on Fox News not airing Trump’s Arizona rally.

(A reader informed us that they did live stream it on Facebook. They did not air it on the Fox News channel, however) 

Bannon Rips Fox News — After They Don’t Cover Trump’s MAGA Rally

Now, we have this.

The ratings are in and by airing the rally Newsmax got a huge ratings boost.

They beat CNN and MSNBC combined.

From Newsmax:

Donald Trump may have left the White House a year ago, but ratings for Newsmax’s live coverage from his recent Arizona rally suggest the former president is as popular as ever.

Newsmax’s start-to-finish broadcast of Trump’s Jan. 15 rally in Florence, Arizona, drew 2.9 million viewers in total audience reach on cable alone, according to Nielsen.

A total of more than 5 million Americans watched the Trump rally when OTT streaming platforms that carry Newsmax are included, network data shows.

The new year and Joe Biden’s falling approval ratings seem to be increasing interest in the 45th president.

Newsmax’s cable audience for the rally was up almost 40% over his last rally, held in Iowa on Oct. 9.

And Newsmax’s cable audience was larger than CNN’s and MSNBC’s combined — by 10% among adult viewers ages 35-64, Nielsen data shows.

Fox News, which continues to have a blackout on Trump rallies, eked out a slightly larger audience during the same time period.

However, Fox is available in 20 million more cable homes than Newsmax. On a proportionate basis in cable homes served by Newsmax and Fox, Newsmax was the big winner with close to double the viewership of Fox.

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