Trump “Not Happy” With Day One Of Impeachment

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Reports are now coming out stating that Trump is not happy with how his legal team did on Day One of the Impeachment sham.

From The Daily Caller: 

Former President Donald Trump was extremely displeased with his defense team’s performance in the first day of the Senate impeachment trial, multiple outlets reported Tuesday.

Numerous lawmakers and members of the media criticized the legal team’s performance as well, particularly that of Bruce Castor, who delivered a rambling 45-minute opening speech. Multiple sources close to Trump’s defense team reportedly spoke to both Politico and CNN, saying Trump was “not happy” with how his team had represented him.

Alan Dershowitz was also not happy either:

This is the story of the entire Trump story. He is constantly being let down by those who are supposed to have his back.

There is an easy case to be made as to why Trump should not be impeached. The only thing that is needed to make this case is the fact Trump literally told those in attendance to be peaceful. How can you accuse someone of inciting violence when they said the complete oppsotie?

The rest of this charade should be pointing the fingers at the fact Capitol Hill turned down extra security and exposing Voter Fraud in this election.

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