Trump Issues Warning To Liz Cheney–“They Will Destroy Her Also”

Rep. Liz Cheney(R-WY) turned her back on her voters and began helping Democrats pursue politically motivated investigations against their political enemies.

She joined the sham Jan 6th committee as a way to make it “bipartisan” even though Pelosi had proved she had no interest in an actual look at what happened on Jan 6th.

She did this to try and save her political career.

She knew Republicans would no longer back her and therefore she is trying to destroy MAGA candidates and Trump himself.

Trump just released a statement exposing the truth about what Democrats will do to Liz Cheney once she is done attacking Republicans.

Trump pointed out that Democrats will go after her once they are done smearing Trump and his allies.


“Isn’t it ironic that Liz Cheney is supporting the same people, Radical Left Democrats, that did everything possible to destroy her father when he was Vice President, and after? When they are finished using “Liz,” they will destroy her also This is all happening as her poll numbers have reached an all-time low in the Great State of Wyoming!”

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