Recount Confirms Trump Won Michigan County Initially Called For Biden

Trump gained votes in Antrim County in Michigan after a hand recount was done.

This county was also initially called for Biden.


A livestreamed recount of the presidential election in a small Michigan county turned up no sign of shenanigans Thursday, only a handful of additional votes for President Donald Trump.

Trump padded his Antrim County victory with 11 more votes, while Joe Biden lost one. The Republican county in the northern Lower Peninsula has been under intense scrutiny since the Nov. 3 election when initial results showed a local victory for Biden.

It was attributed to human error, not any problems with voting machines, and corrected. But a judge still took the extraordinary step of allowing a resident to take forensic images of election equipment.

However, of course, there is still cause for concern.

An audit of Dominion voting machines in this county found widespread fraud. Did this debunk the audit done? The lawyer who conducted doesn’t think so.

The lawyer who did this audit blasted the narrative being spun about this story.

Here is what the audit found:

The forensic report for Antrim County in Michigan has finally been released.

They tried to stop this from being released.

The National Pulse: 

The report reasons that while “the allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%),” they “observed an error rate of 68.05% with Dominion Voting Systems. Its findings focus on Antrim County, which saw its election results glitch and flip thousands of votes for President Trump to Joe Biden.

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