Trump Explains Why He Didn’t Fire Dr. Fauci

Conservatives have long wondered why Trump didn’t fire Dr. Fauci.

He showed early on that he was not someone that should have a say in COVID handling due to a clear conflict of interest.

Fauci then went and lied to the senate about gain of function research. That alone was enough for him to be fired.

Trump was interviewed on Fox by Maria Bartiromo.

She asked him about Dr. Fauci.

She said, “Should you have fired Dr. Fauci?”

Trump explained why he didn’t fire him.

“A lot of people ask me that question. I didn’t, right, because if you fire him you’re going to have a firestorm on the left again, as usual. I didn’t listen to him if you think about it. He wanted to keep our country open to China and I closed it. He wanted to keep our country open to Europe and I closed it. He talked about masks being no-good. While I’m not a huge maks believer but I think they have some purpose. Now he is a radical masker…I think I did the right thing because we would have had a firestorm. Less of a firestorm now if he was fired because he has been wrong so often.”

WATCH:(bias alert on the tweet)

There obviously can be strong disagreement on whether or not Trump should have fired Dr. Fauci.

What can’t be disputed is that there would have been a firestorm.

We would have seen more investigations into Trump and the House would have not stopped until they turned it into Russiagate 2.0. We may have even seen another sham impeachment.

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