Trump Endorses Two Candidates For State Party Chair

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Here comes Trump.

Trump has jumped into two State Party chair races.

The first is Ohio:

From The Epoch Times:

Former President Donald Trump announced he is endorsing Bob Paduchik to chair the Republican Party of Ohio.

“Bob Paduchik is running for Chair of the Republican Party of Ohio,” said Trump in an email on Wednesday. “He successfully led my campaign in both 2016 and 2020, having even more success the second time around.”

The former president added: “He is outstanding in every way, and I give him my full and complete endorsement. Bob loves our country and the Great State of Ohio. He will be an outstanding Chairman!”

He also jumped into the South Carolina GOP race:

The South Carolina Republican Party says former President Donald Trump officially endorsed Party Chairman Drew McKissick in his reelection bid.

In a handwritten note, President Trump told McKissick Monday evening that he has “[his] complete and total endorsement. Great job!”

“When President Trump was at the top of the ticket, we saw historic gains across the country but especially here in South Carolina,” McKissick said. “He brought a record number of people into the Party, expanded our geographic and demographic support, and drove turnout across the state. As a result, South Carolina has more elected Republicans across the state than we’ve had in more than 140 years–and in counties that haven’t had Republican representation since the end of the Civil War. We look forward to continuing the tremendous growth President Trump started.”

This is a big deal. The state chairs basically control what is going on in that state. This shows Trump is doing more than just weighing in on elected officals. He is actively trying to control who is elected in key positions in the Republican Party. He is trying to make sure that the entire party is working towards his MAGA agenda.

Trump should do this in key states all across the country.

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