Trump Aide Debunks “False” Subpoena Narrative

The media ran wild claiming that Trump aide Dan Scavino was dodging subpoenas by the sham Jan 6th committee.

From CNN:

More than a week after subpoenaing former Donald Trump aide Dan Scavino to cooperate with its investigation into the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, the House select committee investigating the attack has been unable to physically serve the subpoena to him, according to multiple sources familiar with the effort.

The news comes just days before the committee’s deadline for Scavino and three other close allies of the former President to comply with subpoenas requesting documents by October 7 and a deposition by October 15.
Scavino, Trump’s former White House deputy chief of staff, did not respond to CNN’s request for comment. One source familiar with the situation joked that the committee should just tweet the subpoena to the former Trump aide since he’s been actively trolling the panel there in recent days.

In a shock to no one, we now know this was a phony narrative.

Dan Scavino took to Twitter to reveal that the narrative is completely false.

Eric Trump even pointed out that Scavino was in public and could have easily been served with the subpoena.

Why is the Deep State lying about this?

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