True The Vote: “Ballot trafficking Will Soon Be Exposed On A Massive Scale”

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Another voter fraud bombshell.

According to a Breitbart article, election integrity watchdog, Tru The Vote, has said that they are going to “expose” ballot trafficking on a massive scale.

From Breitbart:

True the Vote says ballot trafficking was a huge problem in the November 2020 presidential election.

“Ballot trafficking will soon be exposed on a massive scale,” Catherine Engelbrecht, president of True the Vote, said in an email statement sent out by the conservative election integrity organization Saturday.

“In late 2020, True the Vote engaged a select team of contractors and set out to determine whether widespread ballot trafficking was occurring as part of an organized criminal enterprise,” Engelbrecht wrote.

“We’d watched the mass mail out of paper ballots to highly inaccurate voter records, the harried installation of ballot dropboxes privately funded by billionaire tech magnates, and the hundreds of legislative changes, lawsuits, and consent decrees that fundamentally altered election processes,” she continued.

“All of it came together in 2020, under the fog of COVID. It was planned. It was purposeful,” Engelbrecht alleged. (emphasis added)

Tru The Vote confirmed the report:

Earlier this week, a document I’d written regarding one of our research projects made its way into an article published by Breitbart.It is about ballot trafficking. The report is accurate.

Ballot trafficking is one of three investigations undertaken by True the Vote in particular areas of interest. We have not spoken publicly of these investigations for various reasons, but primarily because the work is ongoing and time is short.

What follows is a brief statement about the ballot trafficking project, why we did what we did, what we are finding, and what comes next.

This is just the beginning.

Click to read the rest from true the vote.

Stay tuned!

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