Tiger Woods completed his long-anticipated comeback on golf’s biggest stage, winning the 2019 Masters on Sunday in Augusta, Ga. This win marked the fifth time Tiger has donned the green jacket, and the first since 2005.

Woods’ comeback is well documented. From his debut in 1996 until 2008, he was the face of the Professional Golf Association. But in 2009, things took a turn. Infidelity accusations, DUI charges, and various injuries to his neck, back, and knee wore on him. His overall quality of life plunged, as getting out of bed and taking his kids to school became near impossible.

Woods would pull out of tournaments, and by 2017 he had fallen outside of the top 1000. With his fourth back surgery, a spinal fusion that had derailed careers of other athletes, Tiger was close to being done.

But after a second place finish to Brooks Kopeka at the US Open, followed by winning the PGA Tour Championship, the 43-year-old saw a meteoric rise in the rankings. Entering the Masters, Woods sat at the 12th spot, and will likely reach 6th overall.

What was different about this tournament was that Tiger never dominated. He did not have the lowest score in any round. His lowest in any one day was a 67 in round three. He had to cling on to a one-stroke lead over Dustin Johnson, Xander Schauffele, and Kopeka. Five strokes separated him from Bubba Watson, who finished in a tie for 12th.

This time, Tiger had to compete, which made the win that much more savory. This is especially true for whoever placed any sort of substantial bets that he would win it all.

Well played out there, Mr. Woods. You deserve this one.

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