“This Is About Trump”-Bannon And Giuliani Have Must See War Room Segment

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Rudy Giuliani just dropped a bomb.

Rudy Giuliani went on Steve Bannon’s The War Room to talk about the raiding of his apartment by the FBI.

He went a step further in this interview and discussed how far back this goes.

According to Giuliani, the DOJ under William Barr spied on both President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani pointed out that they would’ve had to have gotten a warrant to spy.

Considering that no wrongdoing was committed by Rudy or Trump, Giuliani says that they must have needed to lie on the warrant to get one. Although he said he has not seen a warrant.

If what Giuliani is saying is 100% true then this sounds a lot like Spygate 2.0.

The Deep State completely disregarding the law to stop Donald Trump.

We will continue to follow this story.


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