“They’re Losing It”- Steve Bannon Reacts To Joe Scarborough’s Meltdown

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MSNBC Host Joe Scarbrough had a complete meltdown over the audit in Arizona.

Absolutely unhinged. 

However, there was a reason for it.

Those who don’t want the truth to come out now are seeing they can’t stop it.

This audit will expose the media, Democrats, and RINOs as frauds once again.

They are freaking out.

Steve Bannon used his large audience to explain why it was important.

From The War Room:

The “complete and total meltdown” on Morning Joe about the Maricopa County audit that is actually looking at the ballots and machines means the ruling class knows they’re in trouble.

“They’re losing it,” Bannon said. “We are breaking them. And we are breaking them because patriots are not flinching.”

“You have all the power and you are using that power,” he said. “If you want to know what victory sounds like, that’s what victory sounds like.”


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