These Videos Further Expose The Failure Of Biden’s COVID Response

The media paired with the Democrats used COVID as a way to get Trump out of office.

They attacked his response to COVID and pushed lockdown after lockdown.

One of Trump’s biggest critics was Joe Biden.

Biden smeared Trump’s response over and over again.

He even called on him to resign.

His biggest promise was that if he became President he would shut down the virus.

Well, since Biden has taken office more people have died from COVID than under Trump.

This is despite widespread therapeutics to help those fight off COVID.

Biden was forced to push the authority back onto the states and admit he could not solve it at a federal level.

Another COVID failure is now rearing its head.

Despite knowing mutations could come, Biden’s administration failed to prepare with proper test kits.

Yes, almost two years into the pandemic, the Biden administration can’t even get the basics down.

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