The Hunter Biden Laptop Is A Problem Not Going Away For The Biden Admin

Even the mainstream media is now being forced to admit that the Hunter Biden laptop is real.

Their smears of it being Russian disinfo have been completely debunked and the contents of the laptop have been confirmed.

The next step in the laptop saga is the media finally admitting that the laptop doesn’t just expose Hunter Biden, it also exposes Joe Biden.

The laptop shows that Hunter Biden’s business dealings weren’t just to benefit him but also his father Joe Biden. Joe Biden used his position to enrich his family and used Hunter Biden to do it.

The Times(UK) just published an article “Laptop from hell may produce data with disaster for Joe Biden.”

They aren’t wrong.

The Times:

The trove of data, nicknamed “the laptop from hell”, is causing serious questions for the Biden family, which has repeatedly denied wrongdoing by the president. While the emergence of the laptop was initially branded “Russian disinformation” by senior Democrats, coming as it did in the last days of the 2020 election campaign, the authenticity of the emails has not been denied and the constant trickle of data means the questions are not going away.

“When the impeachment happened, I still had my fingers crossed that the FBI was going to admit the laptop as evidence, so the White House had it for defence,” he says. “My heart sank when the impeachment trial concluded, and there was no sign of that laptop anywhere, because I had definitely seen stuff on that laptop that would have justified a phone call to Zelensky, saying what happened during the former administration, because there was a lot of money exchanging hands.”

Evidence emerges from the laptop emails of Hunter Biden apparently trying to leverage his father’s reputation for financial gain. In an email on April 13, 2014 Hunter Biden repeatedly mentioned “my guy” while apparently referring to his father. The then vice-president was the point person for US policy on Ukraine under President Obama and held a press conference in Kyiv with Arseniy Yatsenyuk, at the time the country’s prime minister, on April 22, 2014.

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