Cruz, Odell what were you thinking

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Oh boy. 4 New York Giants Wide Receivers (Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz, Roger Lewis Jr., Sterling Shepard) didn’t go on the team plane after their win against the Redskins and instead took a plane down to Miami to party with some very notable celebrities. Now I’m not going to go into the details of […]


Giants vs Cowboys Preview

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The 8-4 New York football Giants will take on the 11-1 Dallas Cowboys tonight at 8:30. The Giants are the only team to beat the Cowboys this season as they beat them narrowly 20-19 in Week One. Obviously a lot has changed since then. Dallas hasn’t lost since and has the best record in the […]

Odell’s sacrifice key to Giants success

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Odell Beckham Jr. has been in the spotlight since he came into the NFL. Since the first game he played for the Giants all eyes have been on him. We all remember “The Catch”, The Kicking Net incident and his numerous other standout moments. He has become a mega star that not only took over […]