Rep. Rohrabacher: I’d have ‘physical proof’ DNC wasn’t hacked by Russia if not for Mueller

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During an interview with Breitbart news Rep. Dana Rohrabacher claimed if not for Robert Mueller’s probe he would have proof the DNC wasn’t hacked by Russia. Breitbart: Rohrabacher described the “Russia collusion” narrative as “total baloney.” He said, “By now, everybody knows that this idea that Trump was colluding with the Russians in order to get them […]


Hollywood Leftist Chelsea Handler mistakes Rep. Dana Rohrabacher for a woman, twitter destroys her

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Late last night Hollywood Leftist Chelsea Handler showed us just how much she actually knows about politics. So, Republican rep. Dana Rohrabacher from California is was the original person who received info from Russia, because she works w/ them. — Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) October 29, 2017 Now, here is the issue, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is […]

Rep. Rohrabacher calls for investigation into Hillary Clinton’s ties to Russia

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In a Septemeber 7th Press Release Rep. Rohrabacher called for an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s ties to Russia. Statement from his website: WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has called on House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce to approve hearings on alleged corruption involving Russia and the Clinton Foundation, the global non-profit organization set up […]