Mulvaney blasts Dems over Tax Returns! ‘They knew they are not going to get these’

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Chief of Staff  Mick Mulvaney blasted the Democrats over asking for Donald Trump’s tax returns. WATCH: This seems like just another witchhunt from the Democrats. I have no clue why Trump doesn’t want to release his tax returns but this idea that there is some hidden nefarious reason behind it is without evidence. If there […]


Mulvaney says Trump willing to shut down government again in 3 weeks

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In an interview on Face The Nation Chief Of Staff, Mick Mulvaney said that Trump is willing to shut down the government again in 3 weeks. CBS: MARGARET BRENNAN: Is the president really prepared to shut down the government again in three weeks? MICK MULVANEY: Yeah I think he actually is. Keep in mind he’s […]