WATCH! Chris Coons has no clue what Dems are talking about regarding FBI investigation

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In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Democrat Chris Coons had no clue what the Democrats were talking about regarding the Judiciary Committee lying about the FBI not finding any new allegations against Kavanaugh. Sen. Coons has no clue what fellow Dems are referring to with new Kavanaugh allegation — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) […]


DEMOCRAT CHRIS COONS on Flake vote! ‘Oh “Oh f—k,”

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Democrat Chris Coons (DE) was shaken by the news that GOP Senator Jeff Flake would be a yes vote on the confirming of Brett Kavanaugh. .@JeffFlake is a YES on Kavanaugh.@SunlenSerfaty broke that news to Sen. Coons in the hallway as he walked into the hearing. Coons said, “Oh f—k,” then choked up, “We each […]

GROSS! Dem Senator defends harassment threats over Kavanaugh confirmation vote

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In an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, Democratic Senator Chris Coons defended the violent threats against Republicans over the confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh. Dem Sen defends “well justified” harassment of GOP Senators over Kavanaugh — Wired Sources (@WiredSources) September 13, 2018 It has been reported that thousands of threats have been sent to […]