Swing Voters Sticking With Trump

According to a new survey swing voters who voted for Obama in 2012 and then went for Trump in 2016 are sticking with President Trump.

The Washington Examiner: 

Most ‘swing voters’ sticking with Trump, don’t blame him for COVID.

A six-month survey of battleground “swing voters,” those who chose Barack Obama in 2012, then President Trump in 2016, has found that most not only plan to stick with the Republican but expect him to be reelected by a wide margin.

Overall, the survey said that 68% of swing voters polled in Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are voting for Trump. They believe that he has done a good job with the economy and is “working hard” to end the coronavirus crisis.

The “Swing Voter Project” from Engagious, a partner in the “Back to Normal Barometer” often featured in Secrets, and the Schlesinger Group found that swing voters expect Trump to win reelection.

And notably, while the media has put the blame for the expanding coronavirus on the president’s desk, swing voters are far more forgiving and give him credit for fighting it.

“Criticism of President Trump’s pandemic response has become a centerpiece of the Biden campaign; however, most of our swing voters don’t blame the president for the negative impacts of the coronavirus.

“It’s notable that despite nearly half of our Obama-Trump voters being ‘less confident now’ or ‘still not confident now,’ many of them are planning to vote for President Trump anyway. They generally believe he is working hard to solve the problem and the coronavirus situation isn’t his fault. They believe our country was doing well before the pandemic,” said the survey.

The Mainstream Press doesn’t want to tell you about this survey. This survey being true means that President Trump is going to win the 2020 election. Democrats need voters who used to vote for them to come back. Joe Biden clearly is not bringing them back!

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