States Fighting Back Against Biden’s Court-Packing Scheme

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Biden’s Court-Packing scheme is facing backlash from some states.

A new article from The Washington Examiner outlines this:

From The Washington Examiner:

At the very moment today that President Joe Biden’s Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States was meeting to consider adding likely Democratic justices, an effort started in Wisconsin to lock in the current makeup of the court — and 150 years of history.

Newly elected Wisconsin state Sens. Julian Bradley and Eric Wimberger and Rep. Tony Kurtz said they started to circulate a resolution to block expanding the court beyond nine judges.

While some other states have passed simple resolutions on the issue, their plan, dubbed “Wisconsin Keep 9 Resolution,” calls for a constitutional convention to debate an amendment that would require nine states.

In a memo seeking co-sponsors shared with Secrets, the trio wrote, “Legislators in other states have urged their members of Congress to amend the constitution. However, as a legislature we do have the power to call for a constitutional convention directly, and that is what this joint resolution does.”

Remember why the left is threatening court-packing.

It isn’t just about expanding the Supreme Court.

It is also about threatening current Justices to rule on cases differently.

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