Source: Paul Ryan privately praising Antifa, thinks it’s key in resisting Trump

According to former Trump campaign official James B, Paul Ryan is privately praising Antifa behind closed doors due to the fact he see’s it as a key to resisting Trump’s message.

This should come as a surprise to no one. Paul Ryan is a spineless Republican who does nothing to push the agenda that Republican voters want.

After Charlotessivlle Paul Ryan tweeted out this beauty

This was a clear attack at Trump. Instead of Ryan standing behind the man his constituents voted for he fell to the mainstream media’s bullying tactics and acted like Trump didn’t do enough to call out White Supremacy. Trump did. Guess what group Ryan failed to call out? If you guessed Antifa you are correct.

Paul Ryan will stop at nothing to derail Trump. He was recorded saying “I don’t support Trump now and I never will” during Trump’s campaign. After the Access Hollywood Tapes were released he tried to get the Republican senators to turn against Trump. Since neither of these tactics worked Paul Ryan is now embracing a domestic terror group in hopes it derails Trump’s agenda and his effect on cultural.

James B was one of the people who helped us break the now confirmed Paul Manafort story in July. 

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