Some New York Counties Not Enforcing NY Mask Mandate

New York has reinstated its mask mandate.

All indoor public places must require masks before entering.

It went into effect Monday.

From NBC New York:

All indoor public places across New York state must require masks for all people or proof of full vaccination prior to entry, a sweeping measure the governor announced Friday in an effort to curb a winter COVID surge that shows no signs of slowing.

It took effect Monday and covers any indoor space that is not a private residence.

New York joins several states that have reimposed similar indoor mask mandates, including Washington, Oregon, Illinois, New Mexico, Nevada and Hawaii, as some parts of the country grapple with some of their worst crises of the pandemic so far.

There is already backlash against it.

Several New York Counties are not going to enforce the mask mandate.

From Newsmax:

Several New York counties say they won’t enforce Gov. Kathy Hochul’s mask mandate, Newsday reports, and with counties tasked with enforcement, that means no mask mandate in those areas.

Nassau County, on Long Island, will change leadership on Jan. 1, but neither the outgoing nor incoming administrations say they plan to enforce Hochul’s order, issued Friday, and which took effect on Monday. It requires all indoor places to either have a vaccine mandate or require all patrons to wear masks.

Incoming Executive Bruce Blakeman told Newsday he will not enforce the mandate after he takes office, and a spokeswoman for Laura Curran, the current county executive, told the paper her office won’t be enforcing the mandate either, though they will investigate complaints.

”Come January 1st, my administration will move Nassau forward with a common sense approach that acknowledges the facts, science and progress made by our residents while also protecting businesses and jobs from any further damage created by government mandates,” Blakeman said in a statement.

”Nassau County is not in crisis, and should not be painted with the same broad brush as the rest of the state,” he added. ”Ninety-seven percent of adults in Nassau County have received at least their first dose of the vaccine, and Nassau hospitals have adequate capacity to handle existing demand.”

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