Some Dem Senators Turn On Biden Over COVID Plan

Even Democrats are turning on Joe Biden.

Dem Senators Joe Machin, Krysten Sinema, Jacky Rosen, Mark Kelly and Jon Ossoff have all called out Biden for not rolling out nationwide distribution of at-home COVID tests earlier in the pandemic.

Biden had previously smeared Trump over the number of tests that were available.

From The Daily Mail:

Democratic Senators Joe Machin and Krysten Sinema, who blocked Joe Biden’s filibuster reform earlier this week, have now joined other Democrats in demanding to know why the president did not roll out nationwide distribution of at-home COVID tests earlier in the pandemic.

In a letter sent to the nation’s COVID-19 Response Coordinator Jeffery Zients, Democratic Senators Machin, Sinema, Jacky Rosen, Mark Kelly and Jon Ossoff asked ‘why the Administration failed to take more significant steps earlier to increase access to at-home tests.’

‘Across America, there are lines for city blocks long to get COVID testing, signs in pharmacies saying they are out of rapid tests, hospitals operating under crisis standards of care, health care staff and first responders falling ill, and millions of people who are exhausted from the toll this pandemic has had,’ the senators wrote.

‘While we fully recognize the productive steps this Administration has taken to encourage vaccination, ensure ready access to vaccines, and increase options to treat the virus, far too many measures – such as increasing access to home-based testing – have been reactive, rather than proactive.’

The senators urged the White House to do better in their COVID response plan, present that plan to Congress and request additional funds if needed to contain the pandemic.

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