Sham Jan 6th Committee Falling Apart?

The Jan 6th committee has been a Deep State scam from the beginning.

Pelosi ensured that the Republicans that the GOP wanted on the committee weren’t allowed on.

She put two anti-Trump RINOs on as a way to make it seem bipartisan.

Since they started they have begun issuing subpoenas to those who criticize the Biden regime and exposed the 2020 election steal.

The vast majority have taken the fifth and are refusing to show.

According to experts cited in Politico this has become a massive issue for the sham committee.

Arthur Schwartz went as far as to say that the committee will fold if everyone took the fifth.

From Politico:

Witnesses seeking to evade testimony to the Jan. 6 committee may have landed on their most potent strategy: Pleading the Fifth.

In recent days, three witnesses with ties to Donald Trump have signaled they intend to invoke their constitutional right against self-incrimination. They include John Eastman, the attorney who helped lead a campaign pressuring Mike Pence to block Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s victory; Jeffrey Clark, the Justice Department lawyer whom Trump considered installing as acting attorney general to support his effort to subvert the election; and Roger Stone, a longtime Trump confidant.

Their assertions are the latest, and perhaps stiffest, test for the Jan. 6 committee as it seeks to penetrate the former president’s inner circle and piece together his actions during the chaotic closing weeks of his term. Eastman, Clark and Stone are among those who were closest to Trump as he sought to overturn the 2020 election, with some physically just blocks away as a mob of supporters overran Capitol Police and threatened the peaceful transfer of power.

Legal experts say the committee has few options once a witness pleads the Fifth — and the choices they do have are risky or impractical.

The committee’s options for circumventing a Fifth Amendment assertion are extremely limited. One path would involve offering a form of immunity that would prevent a witness’ testimony from being used by prosecutors in any future criminal proceeding. Thompson said Monday that immunity was among the tools the committee could consider to compel another former Trump aide, Mark Meadows, to provide information to the panel.

Legal experts say this is an unlikely path, though, since offering immunity could derail any investigation into criminal activity that the committee reveals.

This is what happens when you set up sham committees and issue phony subpoenas.

The Witch Hunt is beginning to unravel.

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