Schiff Contradicts Biden: Intel Agencies Warned Of Rapid Taliban Takeover

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When you’ve lost House Intel Chair Adam Schiff, you’ve lost well, everybody. Except Jennifer Rubin.

Biden has been claiming that he was misled by the intelligence into believing that everything was fine. We already knew that wasn’t true and the top Dem on the House Intelligence Committee has confirmed it.

“There was nothing that I or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days,” Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley said last week.

Schiff, however, described the intelligence community’s assessments of the Afghan government’s ability to maintain itself as “increasingly pessimistic” in recent months.

There are more details.

Schiff also said, “Intelligence agencies’ assessments of the Afghan government’s ability to maintain itself became increasingly pessimistic over the course of the last six months.”

“There were any number of warnings that the Taliban might take over, and some that included a potential of a very rapid takeover,” Schiff said, but added no one predicted such a rapid collapse.

What exactly “very rapid” entails is open to debate, but suffice it to say the intel was there.

Did it make it up the ladder to Schiff, but not Biden? Quite possible. The guy in the Oval Office is often the captive of his advisers. And considering Biden’s mental capacity, it’s quite possible that he was never briefed on any intel that would discourage his disastrous course of action. But that’s on him and the Obama people he’s surrounded by. It’s on the people who were handling national security.

If Schiff had access to those briefings, Biden could have. And Milley should have been studying the intel instead of “white rage”.

Biden’s people picked and chose what intel they showed him. But it wasn’t a matter of they didn’t know, they chose not to know.


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