Russia Could Target Weapons Heading To Ukraine – NATO/EU Countries Could Be Hit

The current narrative is that only military action would result in NATO and EU countries being attacked by the Russians – this isn’t the case.

As long as NATO and EU countries continue to provide weapons to Ukraine they might become targets as well.

A new report outlines that Russia might target convoys of weapons that are headed to Ukraine.

From The Washington Examiner:

Pledging weapons to help Ukraine fend off the Russian invasion is one thing, but getting them into the hands of fighters will require outwitting Russian spies and saboteurs along a perilous spy chain in which countless lives, and possibly a nation’s future, hang in the balance.

Rifles, armor, missiles, and artillery are poised to pour in from the West, providing a lifeline for the defenders of Ukraine, seen by NATO allies as the front line of the battle to contain Russian President Vladimir Putin. The effort by the United States and European members of NATO presents Putin with a choice: Allow the aid to reach Ukrainian hands and be used against Russian forces, or conduct risky operations to stop the shipments.

“It’s definitely something that we have been taking into account since the beginning of the planning,” Czech Deputy Defense Minister Tomas Kopecny told the Washington Examiner. “There could be a Russian intent to target the convoys or the logistical path of the deliveries, so, yeah, we’re aware of the risk.”

The U.S. and the United Kingdom — along with more recent additions to the NATO alliance, such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland — have been racing to deliver weapons to Ukraine since before the new offensive began. Still more have been pledged from Spain, Sweden, and Finland as the Russian onslaught over the last week turned the scramble into a large-scale effort by NATO and European Union member states, with deadly ramifications for the invading Russian forces.

“EU citizens and structures involved in supplying lethal weapons and fuel and lubricants to the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be responsible for any consequences of such actions in the context of the ongoing special military operation,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said Monday. “They cannot fail to understand the degree of danger of the consequences.”

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