Rudy Giuliani Tweets Out Poll Wondering If GOP Reps Should Be Primaried If They Don’t Stand Up To Fraud

Rudy Giuliani tweeted out a Twitter poll asking if Americans support “Primaries for turncoat Republicans who coverup Democrat cheating!”.

Here is the tweet:

Here are the current results:

This could very well be a sign of things to come.

Here are some reasons why:

The first is who tweeted it out. This was tweeted out by Rudy Giuliani, the one in charge of exposing the voter fraud. He has been President Trump’s right-hand man as it pertains to exposing voter fraud. He wouldn’t tweet this out for no reason. If he is asking this question there is a reason for it.

The next piece of evidence is that it lines up with President Trump’s tweets.

Here is a tweet he sent out on New Years Day:

President Trump is calling out a sitting GOP Senator and calling for him to be primaried.

We also have this tweet from last month in which, Donald Trump Jr. called for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to be primaried:

A great piece from Revolver News explains this further:

They claim this was written by a White House Official.


Congressional Republicans need to realize that, in the current environment, they face a very real threat to their continued ability to hold office, in Washington and just about elsewhere else. That threat is twofold.

The first is that any senator or representative who won’t stand up in this moment will face such opposition at home from Trump supporters and others who are deeply troubled by election fraud that they might as well not run again. They will almost assuredly face primary opposition that is cut from the Trump cloth, possibly with Donald Trump’s blessing.

As always we are giving you the truth before anyone else.

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