Rouhani: US In “Process Of Agreeing To Cancel All Major Sanctions” Against Iran, As Hamas Signals Imminent Ceasefire

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Was this what it was about all along? Hamas, with Iranian backing, would initiate a new round of violence against Israel, and the U.S. would drop sanctions on Iran to make the whole thing go away. Biden’s handlers got played easily, because they wanted this outcome anyway, and now they have a pretext for it.


“Rouhani: ‘Western countries have agreed to lift all major sanctions against Iran,’” i24News, May 20, 2021:

“We have taken a big step forward… to ease bans on oil, petrochemicals, insurance and central bank”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced Thursday, that Western nations involved in the attempt to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal were “in the process of agreeing to cancel all major sanctions” against the Islamic Republic.

Referring to the process of the talks being held in Vienna, Rouhani said that the countries involved in the negotiations on the Iran nuclear deal have already “agreed to lift all major sanctions on oil, petrochemicals, maritime transport, insurance and the central bank.”

“We have taken a major step and discussed the details. The main contract [the nuclear deal] has been achieved,” he said.

“There are still issues we are discussing to reach a final agreement,” he added.

Despite Rouhani’s pronouncement, there has yet to be an official comment from the United States, although it seems likely that sanctions relief is high on its agenda….

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