RINO Joining CNN As Political Commentator

45th President Donald Trump released a statement back in November blasting former aide Alyssa Farah.

This is after she exposed herself as a RINO.

From Newsweek:

Farah said during a Saturday interview on CNN that Trump privately admitted his defeat shortly after the election took place, only later becoming convinced by false claims that the contest was “stolen” from him. Trump responded to Farah in a statement on Monday, denying that he ever accepted the reality of his loss while blasting his former White House communications director as a “clown” and a “nobody.”

“I watched this clown on television saying exactly what they wanted her to say and I watched the lies,” Trump said. “Was she paid by low-ratings CNN? By the way, as soon as the Crime of the Century happened on November 3rd, I knew the Election was Rigged and Stolen, and never changed my view on that one bit. I did not go soft on the ‘Real’ Big Lie, the Election Scam, and never will.”

“[Farah] said I told her I lost the Election—never did,” he added. “I virtually never even spoke to Farah (it’s like she didn’t even exist in the White House). Anybody who ever says that I thought the Election was legit, even for a moment, is wrong.”

Trump also denounced Farah for appearing as a guest host on The View last month, where co-host Sunny Hostin compared her time in the White House to serving as a “stormtrooper” under Star Wars villain Darth Vader.

Now, we have this.

Alyssa Farah is joining CNN as a “political commentator.”

From Politico:

FIRST IN PLAYBOOK — Alyssa Farah is joining CNN as a political commentator.

From Raheem Kassam:

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