RINO-Dem Infrastructure Bill Draft Leaks

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Earlier today, Trump issued a warning about the RINO-Dem Infrastructure Bill.

“Delivering A Big Win By Caving”–Trump Issues Another Warning Over RINOs/Dem Infrastructure Bill

Now, we have this.

A draft of the bill has leaked.

As Trump’s spokeswoman pointed out it is longer than Obamacare.

It is likely more corrupt as well!

From The Free Beacon:

Below is a draft of the 2,746-page bipartisan infrastructure agreement circulating among Republican Senate offices.

In a procedural motion on Friday, the Senate voted 66-28 to advance the bill. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) has said he hopes to pass the bill as early as next week, though it faces steep opposition in the House from both Democrats who view it as a half-measure that does not include progressive priority items and Republicans who argue it is a left-wing goody bag.

Here is the full bill:

2021 07 30 Bipartisan Deal … by Washington Free Beacon


We will continue to report on what is in the bill!

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