RINO Adam Kinzinger Goes On Tweet Storm About Ray Epps–Makes Major Admission

The Deep State is losing their minds over Ray Epps.

RINO GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger sent out a tweet thread regarding Ray Epps.

He did all he could to try and play down any FBI involvement.

Of course, asking someone “are you a fed” and them replying “no” does not mean they weren’t.

Time and time again they have seen these Deep State hacks lie–they still can’t answer why Ray Epps wasn’t arrested.

Rep. Thomas Massie pointed out the key admission Kinzinger made:


If Kinzinger believes it isn’t a crime for Ray Epps to have told people to go to the US Capitol then his whole argument against Trump falls apart.

Kinzinger has falsely claimed that Trump’s rhetoric made people go into the US Capitol but he is now admitting that even if that was true it wouldn’t have been a crime.

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