Reuters Does Ridiculous Fact-Check On Vaxxed Omicron Cases In Germany

Reuters is a joke. 

The Palmieri Report previously reported on the number of vaccinated people getting COVID in Germany.

In the article, we cited a tweet that said this data could change as more data came in.

Robert Koch Institute: 95.58% Of German Omicron Cases Are In Vaxxed–Only 4.42% Are Unvaxxed

Of course, Reuters fact-checked what we sourced.

They wrote a big article trying to debunk the claim that was being made.

They all but failed.

The Bongino Report points out that even with the updated correction–the number of vaxxed is still higher than the unvaccinated.

It isn’t shocking they’d try and run interference for these vaccines instead of reporting facts:

EXPOSED: Reuters Chairman Is Pfizer Investor/Board Member–Reuters Has Published Over 22K Articles Mentioning Pfizer

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