Report: Trump Planning “Revenge Tour” For Republicans That Have Been Against Him

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We have an update on the Trump front.

According to a new report, Trump is planning a “revenge tour” on Republicans who have come out against him.

From The Daily Mail:

Donald Trump is plotting a campaign revenge tour targeting Republican defectors after the Senate impeachment trial concludes, sources have said.

Strategists at Trump’s Florida Mar-a-Lago private resort where he now lives are planning potential trips against GOP members who voted in support of his removal from office, according to Business Insider that cited six sources.

‘I’m sure he wants to get out a roulette wheel with all their faces on it,’ one of the Republicans who remains close with Trump and his inner circle said.

More from the article:

If Trump does go on tour again, sources have said that he is expected to target the 10 House Republicans who voted in favour of his impeachment on January 13.

The former president has also reportedly been keeping a close eye on any Republican senators that cross him.

Before his Twitter account was closed down last month, Trump encouraged South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem to mount a 2022 primary challenge against Sen. John Thune, who spoke out against efforts to overturn the 2020 election result.

Another potential target of Trump could include the three-term Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, who has been an outspoken Trump critic and who joined Democrats last month to vote in favor of proceeding to the Senate trial. 

Top-Trump allies also targeted Rep. Liz Cheney, the Wyoming Republican and No. 3 in the House GOP ranks, after she voted to impeach Trump last month.

This is needed.

Many elected officials in the Republican Party don’t represent their voters. They are propped up by corporate donors and the political establishment.

All of them should be primaried and replaced with elected officials who represent their voters and stand up for our country.

I will say that the report did give mixed signals though. It is unclear when exactly Trump will be back. It seems that he has been quiet because he doesn’t want to alienate any GOP senators during this impeachment trial.

Only time will tell when Trump does comeback.

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