Report: Trump Loyalists In Control Of Local GOP Machinery In At Least A Dozen Georgia Counties

The never-trumpers thought the stolen election would stop the MAGA movement.

They were wrong.

A report out of Georgia outlines that “Trump loyalists” have taken over the GOP machinery in at least a dozen Georgia counties.

From Business Insider:

Trump boosters are now driving the agenda within local GOP chapters, even more so now that the former president continues to repeat debunked claims about the 2020 election and tease a potential 2024 campaign.

According to the AJC, Trump loyalists have wrestled control of the local GOP machinery “in at least a dozen counties” in Georgia; while the loyalists have brought new energy to the local organizations, they have also “contributed to the ongoing friction” that the party must overcome to win in 2022.

Trump has so far refused to endorse Kemp in 2022, and he’s eagerly seeking to replace Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger with conservative Rep. Jody Hice next year. Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, who has been highly critical of the former president’s election claims, declined to run for reelection in 2022. And former NFL star Herschel Walker is the leading 2022 Republican Senate candidate to contest Democrat Raphael Warnock in what will likely shape up as one of the most competitive races in the country.

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