Report: Manchin Furious With Biden’s Chief Of Staff

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has stopped Biden’s radical agenda in its tracks.

Due to this, the Biden White House has smeared Manchin repeatedly — at one point they even accused him of breaking his promise to them.

It seems the relationship is only getting worse.

A new report claims that Joe Manchin is repeatedly furious with Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain.

Manchin believes that Ron Klain is pushing Biden to embrace farther left policies.

From Business Insider:

Sen. Joe Manchin reportedly remains displeased with the White House’s handling of his opposition to President Joe Biden’s social spending and climate plan, The Washington Post reported. Manchin blames White House chief of staff Ron Klain for the struggles between Washington’s two Joes.

“Manchin has told allies that he believes Klain has pushed Biden to embrace a more liberal policy agenda, adding that Klain must repair the relationship with him if the chief of staff is to be involved in future negotiations,” The Post wrote in an in-depth review of Klain’s first year in the White House.

Manchin previously vented that he was at his “wit’s end” with Biden’s staff, a frustration he mentioned when he told Fox News in December that he could not support Biden’s sweeping Build Back Better Plan. Steve Clemons, a close Manchin confidant, later wrote that the senator was particularly upset over a White House statement that singled him out after an earlier setback in negotiations over Biden’s plan. With Democrats clutching to razor-thin majorities, Manchin’s relationship with the White House is of the utmost importance to Biden’s agenda.

“Given the protests that Manchin’s family has experienced at his home, which is a boat in Washington Harbor — with folks harassing him, his wife and grandson by kayak around his boat and the gate to the marina — I knew this presidential statement was personalizing the game. It put his family at risk, in my view,” Clemons wrote in The Hill.

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