Report: Joe Biden Refuses To Provide Secret Service Protection For Hunter’s Love Child


In 2019, Navy Joan Roberts filed a paternity suit against Hunter Biden alleging he was the father of her child. After taking a DNA test the case was settled. The two met while Roberts was a stripper in Washington DC.

From The New York Post:

The remarks mark the first time Roberts has spoken publicly about the first son, 52, and their 3-year-old daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, since she filed a 2019 paternity suit that he settled after a DNA test.

The two met while Roberts, a former stripper from Batesville, Ark., was working at a club in Washington, DC, around the same time Hunter was dating his older brother’s widow, Page Six exclusively revealed in the wake of the suit’s filing.

The Biden family has done all they could to distance themselves from Hunter Biden’s love child.

Roberts is currently involved in a harassment case with ex-fiancé Princeton Foster. Foster has bombarded her with threats and has even punched a dent in her car and slashed the wires to her security cameras.

According to the report, Joe Biden has been told about the case but is refusing to pay for protection or even reach out to his grandaughter.

From The Daily Mail:

Callous Joe Biden is refusing to provide protection for his son Hunter’s lovechild despite the little girl and her mom becoming entangled in a terrifying harassment case.

Lunden Roberts, 31, claims her cage fighter ex-fiancé Princeton Foster bombarded her with threats and made frightening comments about three-year-old Navy Joan, the daughter she shares with the First Son.

But so far the world’s most powerful man has declined to intervene or even reach out to see if the little girl is OK, according to a close friend of Roberts, who put on a brave face Thursday as she and Navy Joan were spotted playing tee ball in their local park.

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