Rand Paul Speaks The Truth About Aid To Ukraine

Rand Paul has been one of the best GOP Senators on almost every issue. While RINOs in the GOP continue to do everything but help Americans Rand Paul fights for truth.

He is now speaking out against America’s response to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Rand Paul pointed out that Ukraine is going to continue to ask for more and more money. The idea that we are giving some payments to Ukraine and that is it is wrong. Sadly, while the American people are struggling, very few in the government are willing to question if this is the best use of taxpayer funds.

From Breitbart:

“Inflation is caused by spending money that you don’t have that the Federal Reserve buys the debt,” he said. “So whether it is for Ukraine, whether it is for food stamps here, whether it’s studies of Panamian frogs, it all goes to the debt. And so, it doesn’t make sense, even for a good cause. I’m sympathetic to the Ukrainians. I think the Putin invasion should be condemned. I want the Ukrainians to win.”

“But it doesn’t make sense for me to say, ‘Well, America — why don’t we borrow money from China so we can send it to Ukraine?’” he continued. “We don’t have any money. It would be like me saying to you, ‘You know there are poor people in Mobile,’ when I know you don’t have any money because you’re barely getting by providing for your family and paying your rent. ‘But why don’t you go down to the bank in Mobile and borrow $1,000 and give it to poor people?’”

“Nobody does that,” he added. “You give out of your surplus. You take care of your family first, and if you have some left over, you try to help your church, and you try to help your community. But you don’t do it by borrowing money. That’s what the United States is doing.”

“Ukraine is going to ask for $40 billion more apparently this fall,” Paul explained. “Then it is going to take hundreds of billions to rebuild the country. Look, I have great sympathy, but we do not have hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild Ukraine. We can’t endlessly supply them with weapons. So, no — to me, it is a fiscal issue, not necessarily a military issue.”

What is happening in Ukraine is tragic. Our hearts go out to them and we are rooting for them to beat Russia. The longer the war goes on the more innocent people are hurt. The Palmieri Report has advocated for extensive peace negotiations to try and get this war ended.

Sadly, the elites and their propagandists in the media have pushed for Ukraine to be a US-Russia proxy war.

The Biden administration has already admitted that they are concerned over the trajectory of the war and that they are preparing for a “long war.”

Report: US Officials Concerned Over Trajectory Of Ukraine-Russia War – Preparing “For A Long War”

They are also questioning their sanctions strategy:

Biden Admin Now Privately Questioning Sanctions On Russia

The United States will be arming Ukraine for the long term which means billions in taxpayer funds going to the Ukraine.

United States To Help Arm The Ukraine For The Long Term?

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