Prosecutors Admit To Mistake In Steve Bannon Case

  • Prosecutors admitted that they pulled email logs from the wrong Robert Costello in the Steve Bannon probe
  • They claim it was an error of the databases and not them just guessing

The war against Pro-Trump conservatives is getting worse.

Prosecutors admitted to getting the email logs for the wrong “Robert Costello” amid the Steve Bannon probe.

Of course, despite them making the mistake they used it to attack the Bannon team.

From Politico:

Prosecutors handling the contempt-of-Congress case against Steve Bannon acknowledged Monday that their attempt to obtain email and phone logs of Bannon’s lawyer Robert Costello inadvertently ensnared similar records of others who share his name.

But the error — which came as the Justice Department pursued evidence of Costello’s contacts with Bannon related to a subpoena issued by the Jan. 6 select committee — has no bearing on the broader case, they argued in a 10-page court filing Monday night.

Bannon’s legal team used a court filing last week to call attention to the apparent dead-ends investigators encountered as they tried to identify Costello’s phone and email accounts. Costello said he’s never used some of the accounts authorities obtained details about.

Prosecutors suggested that investigators had not simply guessed at various possible email addresses, but consulted databases to get those leads.

“The three email addresses about which the Defendant complains … are addresses that law enforcement databases identified as being associated with Mr. Costello and one of his known addresses in Manhasset, New York,” prosecutors from the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington wrote.

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