Pro-Trump Republican Moves To Ban Aliens From Government Assistance

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This is much needed.

Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) is moving to ban all illegal aliens from getting public assistance.

From The Washington Examiner:

A congressman who is considered among the most loyal supporters of former President Donald Trump is pushing Congress to go further than even the previous administration attempted with a move to bar immigrants from federal assistance programs.

Rep. Glenn Grothman, a Wisconsin Republican, introduced this month the Smarter Plan for Immigrant Welfare bill to expand guidelines for eligibility for any kind of welfare or government assistance. Since 1996, when the last major welfare legislation was passed, only immigrants who have green cards, or legal permanent residents, were allowed to request assistance.

The Trump administration had proposed a plan to update existing rules so that the government would have the ability to block immigrants who apply for green cards on the basis that they may rely on federal assistance and would be a “public charge” to the government. That effort is now being reviewed and expected to be undone by the White House.

But over on Capitol Hill, Grothman wants lawmakers to take it a step further and bar all noncitizens from getting so much as a penny from any federal programs.

“We can only take so many immigrants. We’re swearing in another 700,000, a little under that, per year,” said Grothman. “You should go back home and prepare yourself and put yourself in a position in which you can get a job. But, if you can’t get a job, then they can take care of you and whichever country you came from.”

Although the left claims Illegal aliens don’t use any government assistance it has been proven time after time they do.

The United States is in debt as it is already and can barely pay the programs we have when it’s just citizens. Add illegal aliens to that mix and it makes the burden even greater.

This problem will only get worse if it isn’t fixed. As Biden’s weak border policies continue to attract people entering the U.S illegally we will only see this problem grow.

Will the GOP get behind this?

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