President Trump Gives First Message Since Returning To The White House

President Trump delivered his first message since returning to the White House.

This is what leadership looks like. We finally have a President who is willing to stand up for our country. We finally have a President who is showing us that as a country we can beat anything and have nothing to fear.

President Trump has officially returned to the Whitehouse.

This is exactly what America needed to see. The Media continues to try and kill the American spirit. Rather than educate Americans during this crisis they pushed fear. When President Trump was diagnosed with the Chinese Coronavirus they continued to push division and falsehoods. President Trump overcame all of it. America will overcome all of it.

President Trump has officially left Walter Reed:

A giant crowd of Trump supporters waited for him:

The Mainstream Media won’t be happy about this. They were hoping that the energy behind President Trump’s campaign was going to take a hit because of President Trump getting the Chinese Coronavirus. However, it seems that this has only rallied his base behind him even more.

President Trump announced on Twitter he would be making a visit to his supporters outside of Walter Reed.

Here are the videos:

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