In what was a shocking revelation a new poll from an insider Republican memo shows us that Roy Moore is currently +17 in the Alabama Senate Race.


The poll, first reported by Politico, was put out in a polling memo by the McConnell-backed Senate Leadership Fund which campaigned vigorously for Moore’s primary rival Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL). But, despite warnings from establishment voices that Moore was too extreme and could cost the GOP a safe seat, the poll shows the exact opposite.

The Axis Research poll shows the race is looking “less and less competitive” and gives Moore a 17-point lead over Democratic challenger Doug Jones.

“Not only is nearly half of the electorate (49%) DEFINITELY voting for Roy Moore, the data shows Moore has united the Republican Party following the Republican primary and the Republican run-off, and earns strong support throughout the conservative coalition,” the memo says.

It notes that Moore has a stronger lead over Jones than shown for the generic Republican against a generic Democrat — suggesting that Moore is doing better than would be expected for a more conventional Republican candidate.

This conclusion is supported by other polling data that finds that an anti-establishment agenda is at the top of Alabama voters’ priorities:

“Voters in Alabama remained focused on two things, which also drove preferences and vote behavior in the 2016 elections: moral values and changing Washington,” the memo says. “The prioritization of these two areas also continues to drive high marks for President Trump.”

Consequently, Trump has a 57 percent approval rating in the state, with 45 percent giving him “strong” approval.

This is shocking news. Although this Poll only surveyed a little over 500 people its use by top Republicans gives it a ton of legitimacy. Don’t look now but Bannon’s candidates might just overtake the GOP after all.