Poll: 45% Of Gay Men Backing Trump

A new survey from Hornet, a social app for gay men found that 45% are backing President Trump.


A recent survey of 1,200 queer men in the United States found that 45 percent planned on voting for Republican President Donald Trump. Comparatively, 51 percent said they would vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

In 2016 exit polls had Hillary Clinton dominating Trump in LGBTQ support:

Exit polls from the 2016 presidential elections found that at least 75 percent of LGBTQ voters supported Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over Trump. A reported 14 percent favored Trump.

Soon after the 2016 election, NBC News interviewed some LGBTQ voters from that 14 percent contingent to find that most were more concerned about issues of gun rights, undocumented immigration, job creation and stopping Islamic radicals moreso than Trump’s goals for the LGBTQ community.

This is more evidence of the tide turning against the Democrat party. Americans all across the country are slowly realizing that the Democrats don’t have their best interest in mind. They are realizing that Democrats claim to stand for them but it is really only about power. They stand for you as long as they need your votes. Once they don’t need your votes they will throw you away.

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