Peter Navarro: Economy Is Going To “Crash Hard”

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While on the War Room, former Trump Adviser Peter Navarro the economy is going to crash and crash hard.

He called the economy a cocaine economy.

What he meant by this was that right now we are on a high because we continue to print money to get out of problems.

At some point, however, if we continue to just print money the economy will crash.

Navaro also makes another brilliant point.

He points out all of the different silos in the Democrat party.

The open borders silo.

The tyrannical lockdown silo.

The Green New Deal silo.

The tax hikes silo.

This leads to chaos.

All factions of the Democrat party are pushing for whatever they want.

They couldn’t care less about the cost.

Thye couldn’t care less about the impact on the American people.

There is no excuse for what Biden is doing to our country.

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