Outrageous: Supreme Court Sets Trump Case Response Date To Two Days After Inauguration Day

The Supreme Court just backed down again.

According to a new report from The Washington Examiner, the Supreme Court has set the day to hear President Trump’s Pennsylvania election lawsuit to two days after inauguration day.

What good would that do?

The Washington Examiner:

The Supreme Court on Wednesday appeared to shun President Trump’s Pennsylvania election challenge by setting the date for the state’s response to Jan. 22 — two days after President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Trump, who filed the suit on Monday, requested that the court expedite the case’s proceedings and require Pennsylvania to respond by today. In a petition filed to the court, Trump’s lawyers wrote that speeding up the timeline is essential “because once candidates have taken office, it will be impossible to repair election results tainted by illegally and belatedly cast or absentee and mail ballots.”

“Without expedited review, petitioner’s appellate rights-and this court’s power to resolve the important constitutional and legal questions presented for this election may be irrevocably lost,” wrote John Eastman, Trump’s attorney in the case.

Eastman told the Washington Examiner that he expects the court to expedite the case and move up the response date.

Just terrible. The Supreme needs to hear this case as soon as they can.

Trump’s Attorney did point out, however, they could expedite this.

We will see.

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